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You have got to admit, store bought ice-cream is pretty unhealthy! The creamy soft serve ice cream served at the beach is even worse! Loads of sugar, loads of mucous-forming milk and packed full of artificial colourants, flavourants and those pesty E- numbers.

I rarely allow my children to go near commercial ice cream, yet I make ice cream at home for them all the time. I have tried and tested many different combinations of ingredients and this one is a winner! It’s sugar-free, dairy free, and packed with healthy oils and deliciousness. My kids (and husband) love it!

2 bananas
1 T ground flax seed
1t cinnamon
1T peanut butter
1T coconut oil
dash water

Blend all ingredients with a stick– blender, place into lolly pop molds and freeze.

I also realised this morning that I add these same ingredients (minus the banana) to our family oats in the morning to add some protein and make us stay full for longer. Enjoy!