As a vegetarian I have always had an aversion to the Tim Noakes banting diet because it seems to imply eating loads more meat. Meat consumption is not so great for our dear planet mostly because of the large amounts of water and land used in meat farming but also because of the methane that cattle produce. My reasons for being a vegetarian has changed and transformed over the past 20 years but I’m always looking for more protein- filled recipes.
And that’s why I am loving the banting recipes simply because of the increase in protein I can serve to my family. (which is often lacking on a vegetarian plate). Especially to my two year old daughter who is a carb queen!
My favourite recipe so far has got to be these Banting hot dogs. I replaced the pork sausage with a Frys veggie sausage and added some rye flour ( I know, very ‘un-banting’) because I did not have enough nuts and used yogurt instead of cream cheese. My children loved them and we got more then the protein we needed!
I am also enjoying the use of cauliflower in Banting food. I have tried it in my favourite veggie lasagne, pizza base, as well as cauliflower ‘mashed potatoes’.
I used this recipe for lasagne sheets
but for the actual lasagne recipe, I used my moms old favourite Ina Parman deluxe vegetable lasagne recipe that has white sauce stains on the photo copied sheets and has been served to me since I was 5 years old.
I have tried two versions of banting pizza bases. The first recipe was the easy version using egg and cheese and the second was a vegan version using nuts and flax seeds.I did prefer the vegan version but it was a lot more work and unfortunately, neither one of these fooled my two year old carb queen!
And then for cauliflower mashed potatoes. Simple, yet delicious and a perfect accompaniment.Enjoy!