Time and time again people ask me which laundry powder I use and the answer is pretty simple – I make my own. I stumbled across a very cool website about a year ago and have been making my own household cleaner, dishwasher machine liquid, and laundry powder ever since.
Go have a look at the ingredients on your commercial laundry powder….not much information is there? Laundry powder manufacturers are not required to list all the ingredients on their packaging so it is difficult for us to make informed choices when we don’t know what we choosing. While these products may make your clothes smell good and clean and fresh tra la la la, conventional laundry-care products often contain harsh chemicals with negative health effects ranging from skin and throat irritation to carcinogenicity. And the grey water which comes from your washing machine also eventually gets to the sea and water ways and can be harmful to the environment.
I must just add that this laundry powder cleans as well as any natural laundry care product I have used but you might find it a little different to a commercial powder.

Recipe to make a 2kg bucket of laundry powder:
1kg Bicarbonate of soda
1kg Salt
20 drops of essential oil (I use lavender oil)

Recipe to make dishwasher machine liquid:
Mix equal quantities of Lemon juice and vinegar(or infuse lemons in vinegar) and fill the soap compartment with this. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of bicarb over the top tray and voila! Run the machine for sparkling dishes!

Happy cleaning!