Earth Ant started in 2015 in my humble kitchen in Muizenberg, Cape Town. For years I had tried to find a natural deodorant that suited my active lifestyle but nothing seemed to quite work. So, I started experimenting with ingredients that would neither harm my skin nor the environment they were flushed into. I came up with a super combination of natural ingredients that kills odor but still allows my body to sweat and get rid of the toxins it needs to be free of. The Earth Ant range has slowly grown to include a nourishing Hand Sanitiser (very helpful when Cape Town was hit by a terrible drought!) and a brilliant Shampoo Bar – which keeps flying off my curing shelf.

The idea for the name Earth Ant is a mix of my nickname, Ants, and what I feel is our connection and responsibility to Mother Earth. The image of an ant carrying a gigantic leaf is also a great reminder of how nature carries itself so well and can renew and regenerate so easily. We need to learn from nature.

Earth Ant is not only a product range but also an inspiration to create change, with our skin care, our actions and our lives. Let’s ditch the petro chemicals, aluminum and parabens. Let’s ditch the plastics and old habits. Let’s become active consumers, choosing to create sustainable change for ourselves, our community and our planet.