Golden deliciousness from bees

I have recently added a most delicious ingredient to my deodorant: beeswax. This is my first encounter with beeswax and I am bowled over by its amazing texture, divine smell, and vast health benefits. When I make deodorant, I love swirling it into the mix and watching its rich gold colour change my deodorant into deliciousness. Besides making my deo smell and feel good, beeswax prevents Earth Ant deodorant from becoming too soft in the summer months, and gives it perfect anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties. I did not want to add any artificial emulsifier to the mix, so beeswax did…

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Ingredients to avoid in your deodorant.

Ingredients to avoid in your deodorant.
mountain fresh deodorant

For most people, deodorant is something we put on every day, like our underwear. It is one of those habitual products that keep you smelling fresh and feeling good. It gives you peace of mind at a midday meeting at a sunny café, and keeps you smiling in the packed elevator to the eleventh floor. Your deodorant is your friend, or is it? What is really inside your deodorant? And how does it stop you from sweating?Let's look at some common ingredients in conventional deodorants and see if they are really something that you want to be using every day.…

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