For most people, deodorant is something we put on every day, like our underwear. It is one of those habitual products that keep you smelling fresh and feeling good. It gives you peace of mind at a midday meeting at a sunny café, and keeps you smiling in the packed elevator to the eleventh floor. Your deodorant is your friend, or is it? What is really inside your deodorant? And how does it stop you from sweating?
Let’s look at some common ingredients in conventional deodorants and see if they are really something that you want to be using every day.

1. Aluminium, The biggest and most common ingredient in antiperspirant deodorant is aluminium. Its main function is to block the sweat glands and reduce a person’s sweat output. But where does all the sweat go? The blocked sweat accumulates in our bodies and can become toxic. Long term build-up may even lead to possible cell mutation. This is where the controversial link to breast cancer comes in. Several studies have shown a link between increasing antiperspirant use and rising rates of female breast cancer and prostate cancer in men.

2. Phthalates, Phthalates are synthetic fragrances which help to dissolve other ingredients and create better consistency in everyday cosmetics. In large quantities, phthalates can act as estrogen and may conflict with hormonal function as well as increase the likelihood of cell mutation. This could lead to a variety of health issues such as infertility, cancers: breast, prostate, ovarian, endometriosis, asthma and allergies.

3. Propylene glycol, This petroleum based substance is a penetration enhancer and used to create a soft and slick consistency. In large quantities, studies have shown that it can cause damage to the central nervous system, liver and heart. It is also a skin irritant resulting in possible dermatitis, allergies and hives.

4. Parabens, Synthetic preservatives commonly found in many cosmetic products and in your deodorant as well. The largest concern is that the absorption of these chemicals will disrupt our delicate hormonal balance. This can lead to things like early puberty in children and an increased risk of hormonal cancers.
So there you have it! In the conventional cosmetic industry, the performance and function of a particular ingredient is much more important than the quality and safety of that ingredient. That’s exactly why I say ditch those nasties in your deo and go with a natural deodorant!

Earth Ant deodorant contains the following natural ingredients, which is not only harmless but actually beneficial to your body:

Organic coconut oil – Coconut oil has powerful anti-bacterial properties, which deodorise your armpits, it is also bursting with antioxidants and useful nutrients that nourish, protect and heal the skin.

Bicarbonate of soda – an incredible disinfectant and deodoriser and helps to keep the skin soft and nails white and strong so your hands will benefit from using it.

Corn flour – helps the deodorant absorb moisture away from the skin.

Olive Oil – high in antioxidants, it is awash with skin benefits including sebum regulating, healing, anti-aging and powerful antiseptic properties.

Beeswax – a wonderful moisturiser and skin softener, it contains anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a layer of protection from environmental irritants.
Say yes yes yes, get my hands on an Earth Ant deo now!