Earth Ant is a range of 100% natural body products that are essential for you and your family.​

Why go natural?

The largest and most amazing organ our skin, absorbs most of what is applied to it and some of this can even move directly into the bloodstream. Some statistics quote that women who use commercial cleaning and grooming products everyday are estimated to absorb nearly 2 kilograms of synthetic chemicals through their skin each year! Even if this is an exaggeration, what the skin does not absorb is either excreted via bodily fluids into our direct environment (which adds to the toxic load on our planet), or forms a suffocating layer that can stop the skin from breathing. For a detailed look at these chemicals, see my articles- ingredients to avoid in your deodorant.
As for women applying deodorant, who wants to risk applying chemicals so close to our lymph nodes and breasts? That’s why I say ditch the carcinogenic, skin irritating, neurotoxic, allergenic components of commercial body products, and use a product that is beneficial to your body and the environment.


Love it!

Love this, was looking for a deodorant free of toxins and that worked. This was ideal. Also helps with dark armpits, which I was struggling with. It gradually lightens them. - By KT

Although the deo keeps me smelling good, it does not stop me sweating, so I need to be aware of what I wear to cover sweat patches. but this is the best eco deodorant that I have tried, so many of them just don't work! well done!

Today I'm wearing your deo. It's hot & I can feel I'm sweating but I just felt my armpits & they're dry!!!

I don't usually use deodorant - don't find I need it but the other day by chance I put some under the left arm and not the right. At the end of a stressful work day I got home and was amazed that the left armpit was odourless (slightly perfumed actually) and the right one had a definite odour as one would expect after a long day wearing the same work shirt. This stuff obviously works! And I appreciate the subtle perfume compared to the overbearing scents of commercial deodorants.

I love the smell of the deo.

Love the deo so much and I didn't think i would but i actually like applying it with my hands and rubbing it in.