Adding sneaky goodness to fussy childrens meals

Dinner time is often a battle zone in our household because I spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing a healthy meal for my family, and when I present it to my 1,5 and 3 year old, they push it away and tell me it is yuck before even tasting it! This obviously makes me upset and we have a fight over trying to get good food in their tummies before bed. Three things that have really helped me win this battle are: a. creating reverence around the dinner table. Establishing a calm 'together' time away from all…

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Eight inexpensive water saving tips for your home!

South Africa is experiencing its lowest rainfall since 1904. Five out of nine provinces have been labelled disaster zones due to drought, our dam levels are getting lower and at this rate, will reach below 20% by April when the rains hopefully start. This means that we will need an exceptionally wet winter to replenish our dams and ensure water security for our farmers and for those that need it most. These are worrying times, but also a wonderful opportunity for us as individuals and communities to understand and value this precious resource, and at the same time, rally together…

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Upcycle me!

I have always been quite a hoarder. As a child I used to have huge bag of sweets and chocolates at the bottom of my cupboard behind my sock box. When my mom or friends gave me sweets, I would always eat one and keep the other. (and then have great bribing material for my sisters!) Even on long car journeys to our annual camping holiday to the Eastern Cape, everybody would guzzle down a packet of chips that was shared equally, but I would secretly stash every second chip into a neat toilet paper pouch carefully laid down the…

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Golden deliciousness from bees

I have recently added a most delicious ingredient to my deodorant: beeswax. This is my first encounter with beeswax and I am bowled over by its amazing texture, divine smell, and vast health benefits. When I make deodorant, I love swirling it into the mix and watching its rich gold colour change my deodorant into deliciousness. Besides making my deo smell and feel good, beeswax prevents Earth Ant deodorant from becoming too soft in the summer months, and gives it perfect anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties. I did not want to add any artificial emulsifier to the mix, so beeswax did…

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The healthiest, most delicious home made ice cream!

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You have got to admit, store bought ice-cream is pretty unhealthy! The creamy soft serve ice cream served at the beach is even worse! Loads of sugar, loads of mucous-forming milk and packed full of artificial colourants, flavourants and those pesty E- numbers. I rarely allow my children to go near commercial ice cream, yet I make ice cream at home for them all the time. I have tried and tested many different combinations of ingredients and this one is a winner! It's sugar-free, dairy free, and packed with healthy oils and deliciousness. My kids (and husband) love it! 2…

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Cutting food costs; shop-bought to homemade

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When my family sat down and looked at how we can decrease our weekly grocery expenses, there were a few things that we either had to stop buying, or make ourselves. The expensive luxury culprits for us were: Bread, chocolate, yogurt and rusks. These sound like random items but considerably increased our weekly bill. Call me a food snob, but I was not willing to swop my R30 stone ground local bakery sourdough loaf of bread for a R7 refined white flour wall paper paste supermarket special. Neither was I prepared to change my 70% Lindt chocolate bar for an…

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Ingredients to avoid in your deodorant.

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mountain fresh deodorant

For most people, deodorant is something we put on every day, like our underwear. It is one of those habitual products that keep you smelling fresh and feeling good. It gives you peace of mind at a midday meeting at a sunny café, and keeps you smiling in the packed elevator to the eleventh floor. Your deodorant is your friend, or is it? What is really inside your deodorant? And how does it stop you from sweating?Let's look at some common ingredients in conventional deodorants and see if they are really something that you want to be using every day.…

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This vegetarian goes banting

As a vegetarian I have always had an aversion to the Tim Noakes banting diet because it seems to imply eating loads more meat. Meat consumption is not so great for our dear planet mostly because of the large amounts of water and land used in meat farming but also because of the methane that cattle produce. My reasons for being a vegetarian has changed and transformed over the past 20 years but I’m always looking for more protein- filled recipes. And that’s why I am loving the banting recipes simply because of the increase in protein I can serve…

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DIY birthday gifts for children

  Children have too many toys, and especially the kind of plastic toys that break within 10 minutes of receiving it. The kind of toys that are made with cheap labour in poorer countries and that are designed to be thrown away quickly so that you can buy another one. Take a look at to see how crazy the production of stuff really is and why we need to move away from our addiction to consumerism. This is a big reason why our family makes toys for birthday gifts. I know this is not everybody’s cup of tea but…

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Simple natural DIY household cleaning

Time and time again people ask me which laundry powder I use and the answer is pretty simple - I make my own. I stumbled across a very cool website about a year ago and have been making my own household cleaner, dishwasher machine liquid, and laundry powder ever since.Go have a look at the ingredients on your commercial laundry powder....not much information is there? Laundry powder manufacturers are not required to list all the ingredients on their packaging so it is difficult for us to make informed choices when we don't know what we choosing. While these products may…

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Have your green wedding and eat it!

My husband, Daniel and I got married in December 2010 at Goedgedacht farm near Malmesbury in the Western Cape. The venue was specially chosen because of its climate change awareness projects, but also because it allowed us lots of freedom to create the real deal green wedding we always wanted. We did have a look at other wedding venues around and Paarl and Stellenbosch, but they were very expensive and you had to conform with the humdrum types of ‘wedding packages’ that they offered. The green theme started off with my wedding dress. I wanted it green, the colour green,…

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